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Metronetís range of premium service comes along with the features like

  • Network Uptime and Availability

    Redundancy is built in at every point within the Network through multiple carriers and gateways. Our POPs have been designed to provide redundant configuration with auto fail-over switches. Multiple gateway redundancy also allows us to offer high network uptime and availability to our customers.
  • Network Reliability

      - Fully redundant domestic STM16 Ethernet over SDH backbone on ring architecture.
      -  Strong presence in strategic locations across the city.
      -  Core POPs interconnected through multiple STM-16 links and powered by State of the art networking equipment 

  • Highly Robust Gateway Equipment Installed in the network

    Metronet provides a robust Gateway architecture with multiple peering arrangements with backbone providers. The core network is equipped through a combination of high-end routers and switches in a redundant mode, increasing the reliability and scalability of the network.

  • Multiple Upstream Peering Arrangements

    Metronet has a peering arrangement with major upstream providers thereby ensuring faster response times; lower packet losses i.e. improved packet delivery as the Carrier handover ratio is low.

  • Scalability

    The uniqueness of the dedicated solution from Metronet is the access provisioning through an end to end Optic Fiber Network. The bandwidth can be scaled by the multiples E1ís up to STM-1.

  • Network Redundancy

    We operate through a carrier agnostic OFC network. Connectivity from STM-16 backbone ensures redundancy at the last mile and peering arrangements with multiple Internet Gateway providers ensure redundancy both at the access network and at the international gateway.

  • Last Mile Leadership

    Metronet offers flexible last mile connectivity options on end to end Optical fiber last mile connectivity. The Optical Fiber Network last mile connectivity is owned and operated by Metronet. Extremely high network uptime can be offered over OFC last mile as it is immune to most of the problems faced by traditional media. Leased line connections can be procured through multiple routes, which provide redundancy and increases reliability of terrestrial last mile connections.

  • Strong after sales support

    Round the clock customer support services through 24X7X365 customer helpdesk and Network Operation Centre (NOC) at head office in Bangalore. Trained, Cisco certified engineers are working at each POP to cater to the customer's requirements locally in minimum lead time.
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